Effect on local economy and job creation

“Butler County needs a centralized community-based center where the area’s best addiction, mental health, and medical expertise can combine collaboratively with social services and life skills training to promote wellness and recovery.”

The Collaborative Model of Medical Services

Adult Intensive Outpatient Addiction and Mental Health Treatment.The Genesis Center of Excellence will house an outpatient treatment program, Modern Psychiatry and Wellness LLC, which specializes in the treatment of addiction and psychiatric conditions.

The Need for the Genesis Center of Excellence (GCOE)

The Butler County Epidemic of Opioid/Heroin Addiction Illness

  • Butler County has had an increase in availability of heroin in 2014-15i.
  • There are more opioid related deaths investigated by the coroner than motor vehicle fatalities, homicide or suicidesii.
  • Opiod related poisonings in Butler County continue to outpace the Ohio state averageiii
  • Ranks as a region of intense heroin addiction and trafficking iv
  • Ranks high in prevalence of Hepatitis C, a complication of intravenous heroin usev.
  • Increase in charges of drug possession with 52 charges per 10,000 personsvi.
  • Overdose calls tripled in Hamilton, Ohio from 1.5% to 4.7% percent of calls from 2012 to 2013vii.

Effect on local economy and job creation

  • Substance use heavily affects the local economy and jobs.
  • Employees with addiction have higher rates of absenteeism, lower productivity, and create greater safety risks
  • Substance use increases overall employer cost per employee.
  • Heroin epidemic creates a barrier for job growth in Butler County.

“Butler County needs a centralized community-based center where the area’s best addiction, mental health, and medical expertise can combine collaboratively with social services and life skills training to promote wellness and recovery.”

The Facility and Grounds

The Genesis Center of Excellence is the newly acquired historic building of the former Roosevelt Junior High School built in 1929. This well-maintained three story 110,000 sq. ft. building in the heart of Hamilton, Ohio rests on 6 acres of enclosed land space. It is a great example of maximizing reusable historic architecture and maintaining greenspace.

We anticipate The Genesis Center of Excellence to begin services January 2016

Outpatient Treatment Center

The 26,000 sq. ft. outpatient treatment center will house an extensive mental health and addiction center for psychiatrist psychologist, counselors, and case managers. It contains a small group atria and community conference center. The medical pod will have exam rooms for primary and specialized medicine. It will house a full service mass spectrometry laboratory and in-house pharmacy.

  • 20% 20%

Recovery Housing Module

This sequestered recovery housing module has 25 beds, dining and recreation areas, and its own designated treatment office space with group classrooms

  • 75% 75%

Subacute Detox Medical Unit

This self-contained12 bed detox unit includes medical monitoring, electronic medical record, and medical treatment rooms.

  • 25% 25%

Integrated Community Office Space

The 10,000 sq. ft. space is allotted for social services and life skills training conducted by Genesis and community providers. It will also house a 15 seat computer mediated learning laboratory.

  • 20% 20%

Full Gymnasium And Fitness Center

The well preserved hardwood gymnasium includes full court basketball, cardio exercise equipment, and space for group-based athletic training and yoga.

  • 65% 65%

Community Auditorium

This 800 seat auditorium is furnished with a stage, state of the art light and sound for medical education, conferences and community meetings

  • 100% 100%

Full Service Commercial Kitchen

This kitchen will be used for meal preparation and life skills training

  • 80% 80%

Recreation Land Space

This area will include a walking/jogging path, batting cage, and community garden for the clients of the recovery housing.

  • 50% 50%

The Collaborative Model of Medical Services

Adult Intensive Outpatient Addiction and Mental Health Treatment.

The Genesis Center of Excellence will house an outpatient treatment program, Modern Psychiatry and Wellness LLC, which specializes in the treatment of addiction and psychiatric conditions. This program has expertise in diagnostic and needs assessments, genetic testing, intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), Individual counseling, dual diagnosis, and drug testing.

Sequestered Sober Living/Recovery Housing.

This 25 bed program is based upon combining holistic and spiritual treatment with the latest evidence-based interventions, medical science, and life skills training. This unit will be internally self-sufficient based upon the contributions of each of its residents.

Sub-Acute Medical Detox Unit.

This 12 bed unit will be medically managed by a combined psychiatry/family medicine physician and a team of nurses and support staff. Using the latest evidence in medical literature, clients will be safely detoxed from opioid/heroin and placed upon customized options for medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

Primary Care Physician Office.

Most with addiction illness and mental health conditions suffer disproportionately from chronic disease. The internist will have an office to provide medical evaluations and ongoing primary care and preventive medicine.

Gastroenterology for the Treatment of Hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C, a common life threatening illness and complication of various addictions, requires treatment and monitoring. However, it is difficult for those with addiction to get treatment. The Genesis Center of Excellence will include hepatitis diagnostic and treatment services.

In-Facility Pharmacy.

Collaboration with pharmacy and providers within the same facility improves treatment adherence and outcomes

Chiropractic Medicine.

Chronic pain has led many to addiction and creates disability for many. A chiropractor on premises will offer non-opioid pain management and work to restore functioning and physical wellbeing.

Social Services and Life Skills Training

Case Management.

Those in need of addiction and mental health treatment often require assistance navigating the community resources to get their housing, food, and other basic needs met.


The GCOE will become a hub for GED training and testing. GED attainment has been proven to change life trajectory and help support sobriety and recovery.

Ohio Dept. Jobs and Family Services.

We will seek partnership with ODJFS for a satellite location to assist many clients to explore Medicaid eligibility.

Job Readiness, Training, and Placement.

Clients will be assessed for job readiness and will be given the skills necessary to pursue gainful employment. Certification programming will be sought.

Financial Fitness Academy (FFA).

Our center will conduct workshops for clients to help them best manage their finances. Relationships are developing with local bank branches to help facilitate these small groups.

Workplace Addiction Awareness Program (WAAP).

As Butler County has suffered deeply from the heroin epidemic, it has had a substantial impact on the hiring and retention of employees and thus the stability of the county workplace. The Workplace Addiction Awareness Program (WAAP) can provide education to employers about addiction and treatment options that are available. Though productivity is key in the workplace, it is often very expensive to terminate and hire employees due to poor performance as an outcome of their addiction. The Genesis Center of Excellence WAAP will provide workshops and seminars in coordination with the two local Chambers of Commerce. GCOE has access to highly qualified workplace certified substance abuse and mental health professionals to drive programming that can benefit all employers of Butler County.

Investment Costs:

Capital Improvement Completion

Workplace Benefit

Workplace and Job retention:

  • Jobs Created: 40
  • Jobs Positively affected in Butler County through GCOE Workplace Addiction Awareness Program : 21,000+
  • Client Impact: 1500-1800 contact lives in addiction and mental health treatment over 12 monthsviii.
  • Addiction treatment will increase follow up employment and earningsix
  • Addicted employees who complete addiction treatment will demonstrate a substantial reduction in absenteeism, tardiness, subpar productivity, and/or conflict with coworkers or management

Return on Investment:

Treatment and Law Enforcement:

Medication assisted therapy (MAT) as one component of outpatient services from previous studies is cost-effective intervention.

Treatment in GCOE versus Treatment as Usual.

Using a similar model that has components of the paradigm of the Collaborative Model of Medical Services of the GCOE, Johns Hopkins Health LLC in the integration of substance abuse treatment, medical treatment with case management saw a significant return on investment

Amount invested



$4-7 return in reduction of crime, theft, and criminal justice costx

Amount invested



$3.65 in reduced medical expendituresxi

Hepatitis C

It is proposed that the increased screening and coordination of treatment of Hepatitis C will result in better containment, less transmission, and less complications of the Hepatitis C Virus.

1 case of HCV prevented

$147,000 savings in lifetime HCV treatment costs

Cost Savings

GCOE Subacute Medical Detox Unit

The use of the Subacute Medical Detox Unit has substantial cost savings than hospital emergency room visits and remarkably less than a hospitalization following opioid/heroin overdose.

GCOE Opioid/Heroin Detox
7-day program

Hospitalization after Opioid/Heroin overdose


Prison annual cost per inmate OHIO

GCOE longevity is based upon sustainability, entrepreneurial initiatives, and management of recyclable space.


The capital enhancement and initiation funds sought are required for FY 2016-2017. The Sustainability of GCOE from FY 2017 and beyond is based upon corporate self-sufficiency from reinvestments from its provider’s billable services. The largest corporate entity within GCOE, has 10% reinvestment in the physical building, grounds, and life skills programming. Based upon net income from medical, addiction, and mental health services, the initiatives of GCOE will be self-sustainable. Furthermore, many of the case management interventions utilized to create successful outcomes are also billable services under mental health and addiction.

Recyclable Space.

The space allotted for various services and interventions still allows for 15% expansion for other uses to continue to generate revenue for GCOE beyond FY 2017.

Entrepreneurial Initiatives.

There is considerable space in the building that will be leased to various community and local government entities for the delivery of services including a full service laboratory and a full service pharmacy. These programs lease space that will continue to cover operation expenses for the building and grounds.

The Genesis Center of Excellence continues to seek community partners with the aim of assisting those striving for wellness and recovery.

For questions concerning Genesis Center of Excellence contact:

Dr. Quinton E. Moss MD


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